EPeS Custom Works

EPeS Custom Works is a premium service for your airsoft replicas.

We focus on complete custom gun builds and modifications with attention to detail. Our main strength is uncompromising quality and professional approach to the customer. We can handle not only AEG, GBB and HPA systems, but also sniper rifles. Our goal is to build top quality and unique pieces. We stand behind our work, take pride in it and enjoy it.

The know-how of our technicians goes beyond the history of the EPeS airsoft brand. Our technicians Solis with T-dog are seasoned matadors in the field of airsoft, which can be remembered from the old days when airsoft forums were the only wells of knowledge.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us at: servis@epescustomworks.cz

You can also follow us on social media:

If you are interested in a personal consultation or service handover, we will be happy to meet you at one of our locations (see contacts) by prior arrangement. If you prefer to use postal or parcel services, please send the replica in its original packaging. In the event of damage the gun during transport, in our experience it is impossible to recover anything if the gun has not been sent in its intended packaging.

The price of the project is individual and depends on the time required for the order.

We charge 29 EUR per hour including VAT.

The surcharge for express service is 3 times the hourly rate - i.e. 87 EUR including VAT.

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