SA80/L85 ACOG riser mount

SA80/L85 ACOG riser mount

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An SA80/L85 “Z” riser mount for mounting of the ACOG optical gunsight, made in real-steel quality. Visually matching the original used by the British Armed Forces. Made from aircraft-grade duralumin with matte black hard anodized surface finish.

125 € incl. VAT

103,31 €

Warehouse number: E201-L85-ACOG

Availability: Sold Out

Producer: EPeS airsoft

  • This riser mount is made from 7075 T6 duralumin with matte black anodized surface finish
  • The mount attachment nuts are made from steel with blackened surface finish
  • Made in the Czech Republic
  • Package contains 1 riser mount and 2 riser mount attachment nuts


Made by the reenactors, for the reenactors:

L85 (SA80 weapon system), the standard infantry assault rifle of the British Army, is equipped with a special rail mount system for attaching an optical gunsight, which was originally designed for the SUSAT optical gunsight. In the 21st century, the British Army recognized a need for additional innovation and the choice fell on the ACOG sight, which was to be used as a temporary solution. This led to the creation of this unique cantilever riser mount, also known simply as the "Z" mount.

The "Z" mount is practically unavailable for the airsofters and reenactors worldwide, which is why we have decided to manufacture this part ourselves.

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