HPA QD crimping plug for 6mm macroline (US Foster)


HPA QD plug for 6mm macroline (male US type Foster)

  • stainless steel made, nitriding and blackened surface for high durability and tacticool black look
  • compatible with standard Foster Series 2 QDs
  • made for 6mm macroline hoses (4mm inner diameter)
  • for 300psi maximal working pressure


Ideal procedure for pressing the QD plug onto the hose:

  • clamp the QD plug in the accu drill and insert the pressing rod into the tubing at slow speed
  • Caution, do not heat the hose before application
  • for even easier application we recommend using the special tool

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    • Hose diameter: 6 mm

    Warehouse number: E107-6

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