Spacer washer between hop-up chamber and gearbox - 0,1 mm (3 pcs)

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A set of spacer washers between hop-up chamber and gearbox. Very useful if the nozzle needs to be shortened slightly. No need to disassemble the gearbox - just insert the required number of washers between the gearbox and hop-up chamber.

3,49 € incl. VAT

2,88 €

Warehouse number: E360-01

Availability: Sold Out

Producer: EPeS airsoft

  • Useful helper if you need to shorten the nozzle - no need to disassemble the gearbox and change the nozzle itself
  • Spacer washers in 0,1 mm thickness
  • Made of spring steel (hardened plate)
  • Made in Czech Republic
  • The package contains 3 pcs of washers

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