SorboPad for AEG


SorboPad for AEG Cylinder Head in four various thicknesses and four hardnesses. 1mm thickness PU covering and 3M 200MP self-adhesive included. Read more

from 5,80 €

Producer: EPeS airsoft

Product variants

Tvrdost: 40 D, Tloušťka: SET

Warehouse number:E302-40D-SET

Skladem (54 pcs)

20,40 €

Tvrdost: 40 D, Tloušťka: 3,5 mm

Warehouse number:E302-40D-100


5,80 €

Tvrdost: 40 D, Tloušťka: 4,2 mm

Warehouse number:E302-40D-125

Skladem (35 pcs)

6,20 €

Tvrdost: 40 D, Tloušťka: 5,8 mm

Warehouse number:E302-40D-188

Skladem (29 pcs)

6,60 €

Tvrdost: 40 D, Tloušťka: 7,4 mm

Warehouse number:E302-40D-250

Skladem (63 pcs)

7 €

Tvrdost: 50 D, Tloušťka: SET

Warehouse number:E302-50D-SET

Skladem (38 pcs)

20,40 €

Tvrdost: 50 D, Tloušťka: 3,5 mm

Warehouse number:E302-50D-100

Skladem (52 pcs)

5,80 €

Tvrdost: 50 D, Tloušťka: 4,2 mm

Warehouse number:E302-50D-125

Skladem (57 pcs)

6,20 €

Tvrdost: 50 D, Tloušťka: 5,8 mm

Warehouse number:E302-50D-188

Skladem (62 pcs)

6,60 €

Tvrdost: 50 D, Tloušťka: 7,4 mm

Warehouse number:E302-50D-250

Skladem (20 pcs)

7 €

Tvrdost: 60 D, Tloušťka: SET

Warehouse number:E302-60D-SET

Skladem (18 pcs)

20,40 €

Tvrdost: 60 D, Tloušťka: 3,5 mm

Warehouse number:E302-60D-100

Skladem (10 pcs)

5,80 €

Tvrdost: 60 D, Tloušťka: 4,2 mm

Warehouse number:E302-60D-125


6,20 €

Tvrdost: 60 D, Tloušťka: 5,8 mm

Warehouse number:E302-60D-188

Skladem (13 pcs)

6,60 €

Tvrdost: 60 D, Tloušťka: 7,4 mm

Warehouse number:E302-60D-250

Skladem (26 pcs)

7 €

Tvrdost: 70 D, Tloušťka: SET

Warehouse number:E302-70D-SET

Skladem (5 pcs)

20,40 €

Tvrdost: 70 D, Tloušťka: 3,5 mm

Warehouse number:E302-70D-100

Skladem (25 pcs)

5,80 €

Tvrdost: 70 D, Tloušťka: 4,2 mm

Warehouse number:E302-70D-125


6,20 €

Tvrdost: 70 D, Tloušťka: 5,8 mm

Warehouse number:E302-70D-188

Skladem (15 pcs)

6,60 €

Tvrdost: 70 D, Tloušťka: 7,4 mm

Warehouse number:E302-70D-250

Skladem (39 pcs)

7 €


Sorbothane is the special material that was developed for impact and vibration absorption, patented and manufactured in the USA. It is fantastic for use as the impact pad for AEG or spring action rifles pistons. It comes with two huge benefits:

  • it helps with ZnAl gearbox shells lifetime
  • a good way to make your rifle more silent  


SorboPad is made in four thicknesses for optimal AOE adjustment. Thicknesses listed 1 mm PU covering included:

  • 3,5 mm
  • 4,2 mm
  • 5,8 mm
  • 7,4 mm


SorboPad is also made in four hardnesses for ideal silent effect and vitality:

  • 40 Duro - black colour - for springs of up to SP100 strength
  • 50 Duro - šedá colour - for springs of up to SP110 strength
  • 60 Duro - modrá colour - for springs of up to SP120 strength
  • 70 Duro - černá colour - for springs of up to SP130 strength
  • For high fire rate and high-capacity guns (for example machine guns), where 100+BB bursts can be expected, we recommend using a spring one level weaker than stated above (e.g. maximum spring strength of SP110 for 60 Duro hardness)
  • For DMR builds where just SEMI is expected one level harder spring can be setted
  • For example 60 Duro: standard AEG up to SP120, machine gun SP110, DMR SP130


Annulus diameter is 20 x 6 mm, ideal in combination with EPeS CH.

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SorboPad for AEG
SorboPad for AEG

from 5,80 €

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