M60/PKM hop-up chamber


M60/PKM hop-up chamber


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A high-end hop-up chamber for M60 and PKM that will give your machine gun maximum performance and precision. Our unique chamber design uses the standard AEG hop-up bucking but provides flawless construction and many upgrades at the same time. Thanks to all these features, our chamber delivers top performance, reliability and user comfort so that you can get the maximum out of your gun. Precisely made using CNC machines and with H+PTFE surface finish, this hop-up chamber offers the combination of high performance and ease of use. Read more

Skladem (47 pcs)

45,80 €

Warehouse number: E350-M60

Producer: EPeS airsoft

  • For M60s/PKMs by A&K, Cybergun, etc.
  • Precise hop-up adjustment – the regulator wheel has 360° setting range.
  • The direction of hop-up regulation is visibly marked.
  • State-of-the art design of the bucking's lip fit on the inside of the chamber – successfully tested with most of the buckings available on the market.
  • Designed for AEG hop-up buckings with standard lip length (e.g. Systema). To adjust the chamber for use with buckings with longer lip length, it's possible to use the enclosed washers – read more on the lip length issues in our article.
  • The adjustment of the hop-up chamber's clearance against the gearbox's opening is done with the enclosed O-rings (two sizes).
  • Vertically seated pressure bar – works great with Maple Leaf hop-up buckings.
  • The pin for mounting of the chamber into the feed assembly is replaceable – if needed, it is possible to use a longer pin for a better fit
  • Made of EN AW 7075-T6 aircraft-grade duralumin with H+PTFE surface finish.
  • Made in the Czech Republic


Package Contents

  • Hop-up chamber
  • Hop-up pressure bar regulation ring
  • Pressure roller
  • 2 pcs O-rings for securing of the regulator ring (9 × 1,5 mm)
  • 2 pcs O-rings for adjusting the clearance of the chamber against the gearbox opening (sizes 6 × 1 mm and 9 × 1 mm)
  • 2 pcs spacer sleeves for hop-up bucking lip (0.1 + 0.2 mm)
  • 4 pcs grub screws for fixation of the gun's barrel inside the hop-up chamber (M3×5)
  • A longer replacement pin for mounting of the hop-up chamber inside the feed assembly


A perfect fit for the bucking's lip

The correct shape of the chamber's bucking lip seat is critical for the issue-free operation and optimal performance of AEGs. That's why the development of the optimal seat geometry was our top priority and why we invested dozens of hours into testing and making adjustments.

The result is a universal geometry that fits almost all hop-up buckings available on the current market. The testing was conducted with more than 30 types of hop-up buckings. The seat is designed for the issue-free operation and good sealing when used with the AEG standard lip length buckings. In case you need to use a bucking with a longer lip, you can add the spacer sleeve enclosed in the package. You can read more on this topic in our article.

Great emphasis is placed on the manufacturing precision and the surface quality of not only this integral detail of every hop-up chamber, but also of all other details of this product.


Perfect mounting of the chamber

The second important factor, which affects the performance and function of the AEG is the correct mounting of the hop-up chamber in between the outer barrel housing and the gearbox. A chamber misaligned from the imaginary axis drawn through the centres of the piston head, nozzle, chamber, and barrel causes drops in performance, feeding issues, and can even cause airflow obstruction problems.

The correct fitting of the hop-up chamber against the gearbox opening and therefore the correct axial alignment can be adjusted with the enclosed various-sized O-rings.

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M60/PKM hop-up chamber
M60/PKM hop-up chamber

45,80 €

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