AOE spacer pad AEG piston weight gain


AOE spacer pad AEG piston weight gain

Special heavier spacer pad for piston head AOE correction and piston load correction - available in 0.5/1/2 mm thicknesses. Read more

from 5 €

Producer: EPeS airsoft

Product variants

Tloušťka: 0,5 mm

Warehouse number:E366-H-05

Skladem (158 pcs)

5 €

Tloušťka: 1 mm

Warehouse number:E366-H-10

Skladem (154 pcs)

5,60 €

Tloušťka: 2mm

Warehouse number:E366-H-20

Skladem (202 pcs)

6,30 €

Tloušťka: SET

Warehouse number:E366-H-SET

Skladem (119 pcs)

5,60 €


A spacer pad for AOE (Angle-of-Engagement of the piston gear) correction with increased weight for piston loading. Suitable for DMR and similar builds where higher power (2J+), heavier ammunition (0.36g BB+) is expected. It is also a prerequisite to have enough air in the cylinder in proportion to the barrel length.

  • Available in 3 different thickness options – 0.5 / 1 / 2 mm
  • Individual pad weights:
    • 0,5 mm - 1,1 g
    • 1 mm - 2,2 g
    • 2 mm - 4,4 g
  • Made from brass
  • Made in the Czech Republic
  • Package contains 3 spacer pads in selected thickness

Correct AOE plays a significant role in maximizing the longevity of AEG pistons, you can read more in this article.

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AOE spacer pad AEG piston weight gain
AOE spacer pad AEG piston weight gain

from 5 €

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