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"This is tuned gun (gears shimmed, lubed, everything OK), complete with EPeS air cylinder set, Jefftron Leviathan processor, hop-up rubber, CNC hop-up chamber and precision barrel. On top of that, you still get stress parts - steel gears, HT motor, piston and CNC gearbox. Perfectly sealed, shock absorption with PU impact pad. The Jefftron Leviathan processor with quality wiring ensures maximum build efficiency and offers a wide range of settings - from shooting modes, trigger modes to battery voltage monitoring - all comfortably in an app on your phone or tablet. Warhead's brushless motor is the pinnacle of technology - it heats less and has a significantly lower energy consumption, so you can shoot big bunch of balls even with a little lipo. The KM head or Lambda barrel and Maple Leaf hop-up rubber in combination with Maxx Pro hop-up chamber ensure perfect gun accuracy and precise hop-up adjustments, so you won't drop BBs out of your blaster when you're changing a mag. The padded chamber by o-rings for proper chamber pressure and increased bellows life, plus it won't bulge your magazine."

"You just can't compromise with this gun and the 2.6J power. Compared to the Major, you've got the Warhead's brushless motor, an even better barrel and Leviathan processor unit with setup via bluetooth app. Combined with the rest of the parts, you get a real hyper blaster for your money that you can grab into CQB arenas as well as into the woods with a 160 m/s limit thanks to QSC."


"MAJOR" configuration

  • completely tuned weapon (precise gears shimming, AOE correction and lubrication, all parts fit as they should)
  • Jefftron Leviathan processor control unit - allows a wide range of weapon settings via BT app
  • high quality 1.5 mm2 cable with silicone insulation and DeanT connector
  • EPeS air cylinder set with duralumin piston head and 70sh PU cylinder head impact pad
  • modified SHS tappet plate
  • Retro Arms modified piston
  • Retro Arms 8mm low profile bearings
  • hop up chamber pressed on the gearbox (eliminates shooting problems and velocity fluctuations)
  • Maple Leaf Super Macaron 60sh hop-up rubber
  • KM head 6,04 or Lambda 6,05/6,03 barrel including centering rings to eliminate play in the outer barrel (defining the play of the inner barrel significantly increases the accuracy of the gun)
  • MaxxPro duralumin CNC hop-up chamber (precision hop-up pressure control including shaped pressure segment, BBs catch in the chamber - BBs do not fall out of the feed chamber when reloading the magazine, but can be released with a button before storing the gun)
  • SHS 18/1 steel gears
  • Warhead Black 30k motor
  • duralumin CNC Retro Arms gearbox (indestructible gearbox)

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